Saturday, January 23, 2016

FINALLY Get Organized! Week 3

I had a busy week, and knew I'd be out of town for a conference over the weekend. I honestly wasn't sure how I would manage to get anything accomplished this week, especially if DearMyrtle's FINALLY Get Organized! task list for Week 3 was as involved as Week 2. Fortunately, this week's list was, for me, fairly basic: transcribe every source document you documented in Week 2, and then refile them. Since I am going digital, I made sure I had all of my documents in my Dropbox folder, and once I finally settled on a naming scheme, changed the names as needed. I had transcribed all of those city directories last week, plus a lot of the other documents, so I was ahead of the game this week. I wound up needing to transcribe a couple of death certificates, a family Bible record, and a couple of other certificates. Easily done, and since I already had all of these scanned into Dropbox, I used those images to do the transcriptions and did not need to refile the physical copies.

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