Wednesday, January 27, 2016

FINALLY Get Organized! Week 4

This was, for me, another easy week, which I finished up last night (Tuesday!) while I watched a basketball game.

  1. Index at FamilySearch - I did some indexing for the 1940 census, and off and on since, but then I decided to go back to school, and well, genealogy of any sort came to a screeching halt for two years. It took me a bit to download the software and remember how to use it, but then I remembered that I do enjoy indexing. So, I've set some goals for both indexing and arbitrating, and I will work on both when I'm watching sports or not motivated to work on my genealogy research.
  2. Learn how to browse records at FamilySearch - I do this routinely, especially with the probate records, which for the most part are not indexed yet (not the states I need, anyways). It's nice to be able to look at records without having to travel several states away to view the records I need.
  3. Create surname binders for mother's maiden name - I created my hanging files and labelled some manila files for the Thomas surname. 
  4. Update genealogy programs to include siblings - this was done a long time ago, and with only 2 brothers, it didn't take long to verify that I had all of their information updated 

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